How to make N500,000 - 1M Per Month IMPORTING and Selling PRODUCTS Online to Nigeria.

The Fastest Way to make LEGIT Money is to SELL SOMETHING

In this ECOMMERCE Blueprint, I will be showing you exactly how to How To Start A Successful Importation Business, How to sell them off Using Instagram and Facebook That Will Change Your Life Forever

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Below is the story of one of my students from the day he imported his first product in February to Nigeria and now has made over 1M Montly.

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Have you ever considered importing products from China to sell in your own country? If so, you’re not alone. Many entrepreneurs and business owners are turning to China to find quality products at low prices to sell for High price in their country.


Imagine a future where your business is thriving, your profits are soaring, and your brand is recognized on a global scale. Embrace the power of importation and Facebook ads to create a remarkable success story. Join countless entrepreneurs who have transformed their businesses and are reaping the rewards. The time to act is now. Don’t wait any longer—take the leap and watch your business soar to new heights of success.

Its one thing to KNOW WHAT TO SELL its another thing to KNOW HOW TO SELL IT

Selling is a great way to make money.

“All the money you need, to make cool money online is in the hands of people”

And never is there a shortage of it. 


Leverage the synergy between importation and Facebook ads to scale your business, penetrate new markets, and achieve sustainable growth.

Acquire a comprehensive understanding of the importation process, from sourcing to delivery, and develop expertise in utilizing Facebook ads as a powerful marketing tool.

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The sky is big enough for all of us. I can’t wait to take you under my wings and show you everything!

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Below is the story of my students from the day they imported their first product to Nigeria and now are making over 1M Montly.

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Inside this amazing Blueprint

Frequently Asked Question?

The most frequent questions I get asked, all answered below!

We use Alibaba, 1688 and other reputable websites for Importation. We wil show you step by step on how to;


I strongly believe that a candle does not loose it’s light by lighting others.

Therefore, my objective is to make this course affordable and accessible to as many people as possible.

My goal is to share the life-changing potential of importation and Facebook ads with a wide audience, allowing them to experience the same transformative benefits that have change my own life and the lives of those I’ve helped.

It brings me great joy to provide this golden opportunity to empower individuals and families to embrace a brighter future.



Our comprehensive course offers a step-by-step guide through high-quality videos, providing you with a detailed walkthrough of the entire importation and Facebook ads process. With over 12 videos personally led by me, you’ll gain valuable insights from start to finish, ensuring you have the knowledge and tools to start generating cash.

But it doesn’t stop there. The course also includes insider document samples and templates, available for you to download and use for free. These resources will give you a significant advantage over 99% of your competition—an invaluable asset that sets you apart in the marketplace.

Unlike traditional ebooks or books, this course goes above and beyond. The HD videos create an immersive experience, making it feel like I’m right there with you, guiding you every step of the way. Rest assured, I’ve invested both time and money to ensure the highest quality production, guaranteeing that you receive the best information and guidance available.

This information-packed course is unparalleled. You won’t find another resource that matches the depth, clarity, and practicality of our step-by-step video walkthrough. Join us now and gain access to a wealth of knowledge that will empower you on your journey towards success.

The simple answer is YES!

The reason I spent so much time and resources to put this blueprint together in the first place is to help as much people as possible to live a life of freedom and get a better life for themselves and family.

So, I treat every person on the blueprint as a distant relative and answer their questions. You are in good hands.

in this case you can choose to be the Wholesaler and the Retailer

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As we said this is to enable as many people as possible to be able to get access to it.

I want to be with you till the end of this journey, As soon as you are in I will personally add you to our support group that comprises of expert and ads professional that will guide you till you have started making massive sale.

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