This weekend, it is #NigeriaDecides2023 and I’ve chosen to remain indoors until it is all over. This means more cooking, more baking and more experimenting in the kitchen. For the past 4 weeks, I’ve been promising myself chocolate cake, but I’ve been too lazy to keep this promise. Thankfully, my stay-at-home mood has got me bored enough. The recipe to this yummy chocolate cake has been in my phone for 4 months now and am sharing it with you today. Continue reading for ingredients and steps




Whoop Whoop!💃🏽💃🏽 I finally get to share a pancake recipe for people who are allergic to gluten because of Celiac disease. I remember early in my 300 level in Uni, I’d make a large batch of pancakes for myself and my Neigbor who was gluten intolerant. We’d eat the pancakes for dinner and put some in the fridge for that emergency breakfast right before our 8 o’clock lectures. The pancakes were light, so yummy and she would eat as much as she wanted without any guilt, because obviously they didn’t have any gluten in them. 



M&M Banana Bread

I have made Banana Bread so many times. And I can tell you that, the beauty of banana bread is the fact that you can customize it as you like. In the past, I have made plain banana bread, raisin banana bread, and even chocolate banana bread. I have topped banana bread with chocolate chunks and other nuts. This is the fun part of banana bread I was telling you about. Today, I want to try it with M&M. M&M is one of my favorite chocolates. So why not put in my banana bread. Continue reading and see how beautiful this bread turned out.


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Weekends are always great because, we have enough time to relax and have fun. While the boys are stuck in front of the TV, playing videos games or getting emotional over some stupid football match, the girls could either be at the spa with cucumber slices on their eyes or ( just like me) they could be in the kitchen, making a pile of chin chin for the entire family. Chin chin is a very common snack in Nigeria. With uncountable chin chin recipes out there, mine stands out. This is because of its unique shape, which sometimes confuses people. Continue reading for full recipe.


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